Would you take on the Shop Steward position at your jobsite? – IBEW Shop Steward Handbook

IBEW Local Union #1003 needs a few members that are prepared to be Shop Stewards on our jobsites.

This position is one of the most vital in the labour movement, and labour accords it great respect.SSHBook

As Shop Steward you will become a guardian of the democratic rights of union members in their place of work. Members will come and seek your opinion on many issues and learn to trust your advice regarding the Collective Agreement and working relationships.

As Steward, you will be given the responsibility of influencing the attitude of workers towards your local, the IBEW and the labour movement in general. Your attitude, patience, and understanding towards fellow employees and employers can help to create a positive view of your union.

If you are interested, a good first step is to come to the hall, declare your interest and pickup a copy of the IBEW Shop Steward Handbook.