2023.01.01 Plan Booklet JE HW[65898].pdf

This is the newly updated Health and Welfare Benefit Booklet from DA Townley. There have been a number of improvements in coverage.


  • Group Life Insurance $70,000
  • Weekly Indemnity Benefit $384 per week if not entitled to E.I. sick pay. Waiting period 2 weeks from the date of disability. Maximum benefit 26 weeks
  • Long Term Disability $1,500 per month. Waiting period is 28 weeks from the date of disability.
  • Extended Health Care – as described in the Booklet
  • Medical Plan Medical Services Plan of BC (MSP)
  • Dental Plan – as described in the Booklet with the following changes;
    maximum is $2500.00 per year inclusive of orthodontia expenses.
  • Vision Care $300 in a 24 consecutive month period

D A Townley Claim Forms

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