Drug and Alcohol Policy

By now most ,if not all of you are aware that the Building Trades and CLRA have implemented a jointly negotiated D&A policy. We have all seen the increase in D&A testing in other jurisdictions with that requirement driven by the owner.

It is the BCYT’s intent in actively participating in the development of this policy to arrive at one that acknowledges and addresses our members concerns into intrusion into non-work related lifestyle choices. It is also necessary that the union demonstrate that it is a responsible voice in working toward a safe and productive workplace.

The policy , I believe is one that strikes that balance. It specifically targets testing to on the job impairment through incident triggering, and worksite observation. It also incorporates the union’s participation in identifying problem impairment, providing treatment for substance abuse and provides a methodology for return to work.

In short, if you are using non-prescription drugs ,and coming to work while under their influence , if you are involved in an accident ,or near-miss you may be subject to testing.

If it is determined that drug or alcohol impairment was present, there are a prescribed set of steps to address the issue. Our intent is to address what is a problem, and avoid penalizing what isn’t.

For information on the policy please visit the link.
Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy