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  • BC Indiginous Apprenticeship Forum

    BC Indiginous Apprenticeship Forum

    Posting a quick note to tell everyone about the successful BC Indigenous Apprenticeship Forum in Burnaby earlier this May which I was very proud to attend to represent IBEW 1003. It was an extremely important conference, learning about all of the different ISETs across BC and opportunities for partnerships. We now have direct contacts for…

  • International Womens Day

    International Womens Day

    EMPOWER your partners, sisters, cousins, daughters and friends! Members may earn a $100 Referral Bonus to get new female apprentices WIRED for success in Electrical.   Happy International Women’s Day! Today we celebrate the women in our lives, both on and off the job. With growing demand in Security, Data and Environmental Controls, as well as most other sectors of…

  • e-Transfer dues payments

    e-Transfer dues payments

    There is a new way to pay your Basic Dues via your online banking. Local 1003 now accepts e-Transfers for the Basic Dues. The email address for this transfer is If you need assistance, contact your bank.

  • It’s great to belong to a union. But what are you giving back?

    It’s great to belong to a union. But what are you giving back?

    ALMOST EVERY UNIONIZED TRADESPERSON can list all the advantages that come with union membership: benefits, pension, priority given to safety, training, mentorship and someone to watch your back. But have you given some thought to what you can give back to your union? Sure, keeping your dues up to date helps the organization, but you…

  • IBEW Annual Picnic 2017 went well.   (w/photos)

    IBEW Annual Picnic 2017 went well. (w/photos)

    Thanks to everyone that came out to the annual 1003 picnic. Turn out was pretty good, just a few less than last year. We had lots of food and good company. There was some rain but, with how dry it is, no-one seemed to mind. Thanks to Dale Anderson, Ray Keen, Ryan Rosse, and Tim…

  • Job Tip – GFCI Sticker

    Job Tip – GFCI Sticker

    Another handy tip from IBEW Hour Power Click on the video to watch …

  • Ladder Safety 101 – Electrician Talk

    Ladder Safety 101 – Electrician Talk

      Ladders are in play for so much of an electrician’s daily routine that using them becomes second nature. On one hand, this is good — if you’re using them safely and correctly. But if your ladder safety habits aren’t up to snuff, this neglect can lead to a minor injury at best and death…

  • Henry Miller – Founder of the IBEW

    Henry Miller – Founder of the IBEW

    Henry Miller, who died more than 110-years ago, was the founder, first president and driving force behind the first union of electrical workers in North America the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Click on the video to watch … (sorry the audio is a bit quiet)  

  • Absenteeism is bad for all of us.

    Absenteeism is bad for all of us.

    Recently, there has been a great deal of attention given to the problem of workplace absenteeism. According to the most recent information from Statistics Canada, the average Canadian worker was away from work for the equivalent of almost two weeks in a year. Those 9.3 days lost translate to 2.4% of gross annual payroll, or…

  • Step Potential – Information Video

    Step Potential – Information Video

    Keep your distance and learn how “step potential” can injure or kill you just by walking near downed wires. Click on the video to watch about step potential.