NDP leader, John Horgan, welcomes by-elections with winning candidates

Vancouver – NDndplogoP Leader John Horgan began the first full day of campaigning in Vancouver-Mount Pleasant and Coquitlam- Burke Mountain with a clear message that people are tired of Christy Clark’s broken promises.

“She promised to stand up for families, but instead Christy Clark an
d the BC Liberals gave millionaires a $236 million tax break,” Horgan said. “Then she hiked fees for MSP, BC Hydro and ICBC,” said Horgan.

“She’s made a mess of transportation in Metro Vancouver, and she’s neglected healthcare and education. People feel like she is only in it for herself and there is plenty of evidence that they are absolutely correct,” he said.

Horgan said he also knows that people are angry about the BC Liberal government lack of ethics because candidates are hearing it on the doorsteps.

“There are now two special prosecutors investigating the Liberals, including for the triple delete scandal, and then there is the Burke Mountain land giveaway,” he said. “People just feel burned by empty and broken promises.”


Jodie Wickins

The NDP is fielding two strong candidates: Jodie Wickens in Coquitlam-Burke Mountain and Melanie Mark in Vancouver-Mount Pleasant.

“Jodie Wickens and Melanie Mark are community leaders with strong track records in public service. They will make excellent representatives for their communities and represent the best of British Columbia,” Horgan said.

Wickens is the Executive Director of the Autism Support Network. A long-time resident of Burke Mountain, Wickens is the mother of two children.

Melanie Mark

Melanie Mark

Melanie Mark worked in the office of BC Child and Youth Representative Mary-Ellen Turpel Lafond, protecting some of the most vulnerable youth in the province. If elected, she will become the first ever First Nations woman to serve in the BC Legislature. She is also the mother of two children.