A letter from Bill Daniels re: Fort McMurray Forest Fires and Red Cross Appeal for Support


May 6, 2016

RE: Fort McMurray Forest Fires


I would like to take this opportunity to reach out to our Local Unions regarding the forest fires devastating communities in northern Alberta including Fort McMurray and the Wood Buffalo regions, impacting many of our IBEW Brothers and Sisters. For many years now, Fort McMurray and the oil sands have provided tremendous employment opportunities for IBEW members not only in Alberta, but for members living in every corner of the country. I have had the opportunity to discuss the impact of these forest fires with IBEW Local 424 Business Manager Kevin Levy, who has been overwhelmed with the support and assistance that other IBEW Local Unions from across the country have offered over the last few days. Brother Levy has expressed their gratitude for all the support offered by other IBEW Local Unions in the letter included with this correspondence There is no doubt that our brothers and sisters in Alberta will be impacted by this event for quite some time. Brother Levy has informed me that they are doing their best to locate members that are stuck in the Northern work camps and awaiting their turn to safely fly out. There are many more members that have been forced to leave their homes and possessions behind. It is important to understand that right now their immediate focus is ensuring that everyone is safe and sound, with temporary shelter. As you may have heard through various media outlets, the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, the Government of Alberta and the Government of Canada are directing and matching donations to the Canadian Red Cross. After speaking with Brother Levy, I recommend Local Unions and members wishing to make a donation use IBEW Canada’s unique URL that our office has set up in coordination with the Red Cross. This is fully endorsed by Brother Levy and IBEW Local 424 and will ensure funds go directly to assisting the residents of Alberta affected by the fires. Due to the high volume of calls and requests the Red Cross is receiving, they are anticipating our link will be available on Monday May 9th. Once our unique URL link is live, we will send out correspondence to all Local Unions immediately. The Alberta Provincial Government and the Federal Government have both pledged to match any donations made to the Red Cross. That means for every $1 donated a total of $3 will be raised ($1 donation + $1 matched by AB Gov’t + $1 matched by the Gov’t of Canada) and put towards the areas that need it the most. Our thoughts and prayers are with our members, their families, Albertans, and all Canadians affected by these devastating fires. Thank you for your attention to this very important matter. In solidarity,




Bill Daniels
International Vice PresidentRedCrossLogo

Click on the following link to go to Red Cross and donate.