OFA 3 – Occupational First Aid level 3

Sisters and Brothers,

OFA3 (Occupational First Aid Level 3) certificates issued before July 2017 will be valid for 3 years. Certificates issued after July 2017 will only be valid for 2 years. It looks as though the cost of the course will remain the same. If you are planning to take OFA3, it would be advisable to get it done soon and take advantage of the extra year of certification while it’s still available.

WJETS will reimburse 5 Journeypersons to take OFA3 per year, per local. If you plan to enroll please contact the training department so we can track how many members have taken or are signed up to take the course. If you don’t advise us and if by the time you claim for reimbursement 5 members have already taken OFA3, your claim would be denied. Reimbursement for this course is not available to apprentices except on direction of the Business Manager.