Electrical Safety/Arcflash, High Voltage Safety, and High Voltage Termination and Splicing courses.

We are taking names of those interested in 3 courses we will put on in Cranbrook on Jan 7,8,and 9th at the Labour Center and in Nelson on Jan 11,12,and 13th at the Union Hall:

1. Electrical Safety and Arcflash training  (inc. lockout/tagout)arcsuit

2. High Voltage Safety training

3. High Voltage (15Kv) Termination and Splicing

arcflash2We’ll run all 3 courses on 3 consecutive days so hopefully that will be handy for those people that wish to take all 3 courses while they can.hv-connecy

If you are interested please use the contact page to send us a message. Please include a phone number you can be reached at. You can also email direct to ibew.trainer@gmail.com or phone the Hall and leave your phone number.