A Word from the WJETS Training Director Adrien Livingston

Brother and Sisters, since starting as the Western JETS Director, I have been assessing the needs of contractors and the local union membership. From course feedback forms to delivering the latest news on the JAdrienETS’ website, from informal consultations with members to meetings with contractors, I am trying to broaden and strengthen the avenues for communication between the JETS and members.

Very early in the consultation process it was made very clear that it is nearly impossible to participate in specialty electrical training unless you live near BCIT. My top priority is building a range of courses and exploring all available avenues to train members anywhere in the province. Your geographical location should not restrict your training opportunities.

The first courses we rolled out were Level One and Two Pipe which are now available to members all over the province.

Our Level One Conduit Bending course gives members eight hours of hands-on conduit bending experience with our instructor. By the end of the class, students are able to use a hand bender, as well as do basic bends, offsets and kicks without a level or having to bend a single bend numerous times.

Our Level Two Conduit Bending course builds on the EMT skills the members gained in Level One by working on more advanced bends like saddles, concentric 90’s, and flat offsets. Members have also learned how to quickly layout and prefab numerous pipes for electrical rooms, hospitals or other occupancies where intensive pipe work is required. In addition, members are given the opportunity to bend PVC using PVC heater and heat guns, and bend 1.5” and 2” EMT with our new electric benders.

Our hope is to roll out a Print and Schematic reading course and a Premises cabling course in the New Year. We are also looking at online learning and webinar options to allow members to take courses from the comfort of their own homes or camps across the province.

Another big priority is building strategic partnerships with suppliers and training providers to allow the Western Jets to maximize our training dollars. A good example of this is a $5000 donation from Honeywell in the form of Arc flash gear to go with our arc flash course. We have also been working with manufactures to take advantage of specialty tools deals for trainers, and develop course curriculum at no cost to the Western Jets.

As we move ahead, I would like to grow the brand of the Western JETS so that all members and contractors are aware of the many training opportunities they have access to.

If you would like to register for any of the courses mentioned above please see the Western Jets website at www.wjets.ca or contact your local training co-ordinator. If you would like to be a part of the process and have teaching experience or have suggestions about what course you would like to see next please email me at adrien@wjets.ca