Update to Working in Washington developments.

local191bThe following is from this months WA Electrical Current Newsletter. It states that anyone with a red seal is now eligible to write the WA license exam after submitting the application and a copy of their red seal. This is great news but its only in effect for 120 days.


2016 Emergency Rule – Temporary Electrician Permits, Canadian Red Seal Electricians
Due to the sharp increase in construction projects in Washington, and shortage of journey level electricians to do the
work, the department, acting on advice of the Electrical Board, has filed emergency rule revisions (effective November 21,2016) which will allow the issuance of temporary permits in lieu of certificates of competency for qualified electricians coming from another state. The law does not allow temporary certificates to be issued for specialty electricians or to those from another country. Under the emergency rule, electricians from other states who have completed an equivalent state regulated four-year journey level electrical apprenticeship program or possess an equivalent journey level electrician certificate obtained by examination in another state and can meet the requirements under RCW 19.28.181 are eligible for a 90 day non-renewable temporary permit allowing them to work in Washington before passing the open-book electrician certification examination. (01) General Electrical contractors wishing to employ temporary electricians must receive permission from the Chief Electrical Inspector using the Contractor Application to Employ Temporary Electricians form.
All applicants for a temporary electrician permit must complete the Combined Application for a Temporary Electrician
Permit and Journey Level Electrician Examination form and submit documentation of qualifications. The application fee is $124.00, of which $62.00 is nonrefundable after the application is submitted. Along with the completed form, applicants must provide proof of either:
• Completion of an equivalent state regulated four-year journey level electrical apprenticeship program. Submit a
notarized letter from the apprenticeship training director or state apprenticeship authority stating that they have
completed such a program; or
• Proof of issuance of an equivalent journey level electrician certificate obtained by examination in another state.
Submit a notarized letter from a state licensing authority verifying certification and indicating the number of hours
of supervised work experience in the electrical construction trade under direct supervision of a licensed
electrician. In addition, provide evidence of completion of at least 96 hours of in-class training on the National
Electrical Code, basic electrical theory, or the use of Washington’s electrical laws and rules.
The emergency rule also allows Canadian Red Seal endorsed journeyperson construction electricians to qualify for the Washington journey level (01) electrician competency examination if they have possessed a Red Seal endorsement for one year. Canadian Red Seal electricians do not qualify for a temporary electrician permit.
The emergency rules will be in effect for 120 days. In the meantime, the department will begin the process to adopt
permanent rules for these issues with input from stakeholders and the Electrical Board. See the Rule Development page of our website for information about this and other proposed rule revisions.

We will have a WA exam prep course ready to go in the new year.

Link to the full newsletter is below.

WA Electrical Current Newsletter

Link to download the IBEW travel letter template that needs to be accompanied with the application and copy of the members red seal +$86USD application fee is below.

Travel Letter

Application form link