Three hundred electrical trades workers vote to join the IBEW to gain the union advantage


BURNABY – The BC Federation of Labour is extending a warm welcome from the broader labour movement to more than 300 electrical trades workers who recently chose to join the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 213.

The employees of Burnaby-based Trotter and Morton Electrical Constructors Ltd. voted overwhelmingly to join the IBEW for improved services and support to help address workplace issues, enhanced training opportunities, and better benefits.


BCFED President Irene Lanzinger

“On behalf of BC’s house of labour, I want to welcome a sizeable group of new union members,” says BCFED President Irene Lanzinger. “Trotter and Morton employees are now part of a very capable, progressive and democratic union that will help them address issues on the job and improve benefits and wages.”

“Whether it is in the private or public sector, workers who are union members have better pay and benefits than workers who aren’t union members,” she says.

In the year ahead, Lanzinger says the BC labour movement will be more aggressive on the organizing front to ensure more workers join unions to help them win better working conditions, pay and benefits. Information about how workers can join unions can be found at