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How to Refuse Smart Meter Installation
Tuesday, October 18, 2011


As many of you know, COPE 378 represents nearly 400 meter readers at BC Hydro. Starting early next year these workers, many of whom have served British Columbians for many years, will be out of a job as a result of Smart Meters. COPE 378 has been working for years to try to get a transition plan for these workers but the government and BC Hydro continue to refuse re-training.

The Smart Meter Initiative will cost British Columbians almost $1 billion. In other jurisdictions where Smart Meters have been installed they have led to higher electricity rates through time-of-use billing. As Smart Meters are installed in more communities across BC COPE 378 has been hearing from our members and the general public asking if there is any way they can refuse to have a Smart Meter installed on their property.

While people are not allowed to physically prevent installation of a meter or deliberately damage their old or new meter, we are providing signs which people can choose to print off to post on the meter or on their house next to the meter. The sign provides an opportunity to register opposition to the Smart Meter program. Click here to download the sign.

A communications representative from BC Hydro told the Burnaby Now newspaper that if there are people who refuse to allow them access to their homes, “B.C. Hydro would like to speak with them and address their concerns, and during that process the smart meter installation on their home would be put on hold.” It is our hope that BC Hydro will continue to take this approach when dealing with members of the public with signs on their meters.

We are also encouraging concerned members of the public to contact Energy Minister Rich Coleman to voice your objection to the cost associated with Smart Meters: 1 billion dollars and nearly 400 family and community-supporting jobs.


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