Some “smart” meter information.

This is some information on “smart” meters, which makes it fairly simple to understand what the program is supposed to deliver. one of the major concerns. putting aside the electro-magnetic radiation arguments ,as well as information privacy issue, is found in the discussion on “energy management tools at your fingertips”. the actual devices to accomplish this are not readily available ,and are not part of the meter installation . they are an additional cost being downloaded onto consumers. few ,if any , of us have “smart” appliances ,and in the case of electric heating, it is difficult to see where there are effective options available to the consumer.
Plus ,from an electricians perspective , there is the matter of once again having part of our industry farmed out to unqualified persons without experience working on electrical equipment.
give it a look and see if you have concerns, then attend a meeting, write a letter or phone your utility. we need some better answers ,and we need a moratorium on these installations until those questions are answered to our satisfaction ,as customers ,and as tradespeople.