Safety Week 2017 to focus on hand injuries

TORONTO – On May 1 to 5 the construction community will celebrate their shared commitment to jobsite safety as part of Safety Week, an industry-wide education and awareness event.

During Safety Week, construction companies will take the opportunity to thank their employees for their dedication to safety and work to educate, inspire and share best practices. Many companies will conduct onsite safety awareness activities.

“This week is about the men and women who step on jobsites every day,” said Matthew Walsh, co-chairman of the Walsh Group and 2017 Safety Week co-chair, in a statement. “Safety Week is a chance to celebrate our workers’ ongoing commitment to safety and demonstrate the daily habits we need to take to remain safe.”

The theme for Safety Week 2017 is It’s in Our Hands — signifying the personal stake each worker has in safety. The theme also puts a focus on hand safety, which is particularly relevant considering hand injuries are second only to back strains as a cause for missed work days, according to government agencies in the U.S. and Canada.

“We want to make safety personal,” said Ross Myers, CEO and chairman of Allan Myers Incorporated and Safety Week co-chair. “It’s not about numbers, following rules or complying with regulations. It’s about empowering everyone — from the CEO to the craft worker — to recognize the responsibility each of us has to ensure a safe work environment.”

To symbolize this year’s theme, workers will leave handprints on commitment boards to show the individual obligation each employee has to maintain a safe work environment.

Four organizations in the U.S. and Canada will host ceremonial events to showcase the industry-wide focus on safety.

Safety Week is sponsored by members of the Construction Industry Safety Initiative and the Incident and Injury Free Executive Forum. Additional support comes from the Alliance Partners, many of which are non-profit associations. For more information, visit