IBEW Support for Community

IBEW Local 2067 has always promoted family and community. On Feb. 19, we had a chance to support both when Sister Nicole Stewart spearheaded a unique opportunity. The Northern Saskatchewan community of Sandy Bay (population 1,200) hosts Family Day celebrations annually, encouraging the community to get outside for family fun.

Sister Stewart contacted the Local 2067 office and inquired about getting toques and mitts sent up to the remote community to allow the young people to enjoy the day while staying comfortable and warm. Local 2067 procured $2,400 worth of toques and convinced the major employer in the community, SaskPower, to supply mittens and scarves to match.

The clothing had quite the trip: It was chauffeured by car from Regina, SK, to Nipawin, SK, (360 kilometers), then sent by plane for a 270-km flight to Island Falls, where it finally met up with Sister Stewart, who took it the final 5 kilometers to the community of Sandy Bay.

Local 2067 Bus. Mgr. Jason Tibbs stated: “It was a great opportunity to show the community of Sandy Bay that the IBEW and SaskPower care about them, and their contributions to the utility and province. We hope they enjoy the Stat [statutory] Holiday.”

— Curtis Lizée, A.B.M., Local 2067, Saskatchewan