Feds introduce new legislation to kill bills C-377 and C-525 !!!

The federal government has introduced legislation that, if passed, will repeal two highly controversial anti-union laws passed by the former Conservative government.MaryAnn-Mihychuk-300

Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour MaryAnn Mihychuk’s
legislation would reverse changes to laws made under Bill C-377 and Bill C-525 that she described as “redundant and unnecessary.”

Bill C-377, which was called unconstitutional by seven provinces and was opposed by many unions, police associations, the federal privacy commissioner and the Canadian Bar Association, would have required unions to disclose specific details of their spending so that, similar to registered charities, those details would eventually be disclosed publicly by the Canada Revenue Agency.

C-525 would impact the way bargaining units get certified. It would require a majority secret ballot vote by employees before bargaining units in federally regulated public service unions can be certified or decertified. Mihychuk called the law an attack on unions by the Tories.

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