Facts about Thorium Molten Salt Reactors

Many of the problems associated with Nuclear Reactors are solved with Thorium Molten Salt Reactors. They were built and developed by a team led by Alvin Weinberg over a twenty year period starting in the 1950s.

TMSRs also known as LFTRs (Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors) or DMSRs (Denatured Molten Salt Reactors) are important because they:imagesLSTR

(1) are safer and more stable and cannot meltdown because they are already in a liquid state
and therefore do not require expensive containment that normally deals with highly pressurized hot water.

(2) can consume waste nuclear fuel. TMSRs in the modern view are actually two nuclear plants in one. They can provide energy and burn up nuclear waste and like all nuclear reactors have no polluting emissions or CO2.

(3) are less expensive than traditional reactors because the byproducts are far less toxic and do not require expensive containment. They can be built in all sizes.

(4) the left over products contain valuable ingredients that can be resold that are good for industrial as well as medical purposes

(5) are much more difficult to to use to produce fuel for nuclear weapons

(6) will produce far more energy than wind or solar power ever could. It does seem somewhat inevitable that Thorium will be an important part of our future the question is when?

(7) can potentially help in the desalination process, assist in Hydrogen Production and heat buildings. The heat generated can also provide a means for heat process needed by other industries.

thorium2(8) provide a means for third world countries to improve their economies by providing reliable cheap electricity (cheaper than coal plants) and will replace high carbon emission methods with far cleaner technology and almost no nuclear waste and the neglible amount of waste can be processed further for valuable isotopes and other rare elements.

(9) eliminate the need for fuels that produce carbon emissions therefore removing one of the root causes of war. It’s true we fight to defend what we need. And for too long we have needed energy in the form of fossil fuels. And that needs to change. Our military leaders know that and more than anything they want to change that basic story. That is why our message of thorium-based power enabling US energy independence resonates so strongly with them. It will also resonate well as a deterrent to allowing countries such as Russia from bullying other countries in need of their fossil fuels.

(10) Thorium is abundant and stockpiles are already stored so very little if any mining is required in North America for decades. After that mining Thorium is plentiful enough to keep the whole planet supplied for thousands of years.

(11) Robert Hargraves makes a convincing argument that it will lower the worlds population.
energy=industry=jobs=education=birth control=population control

Much of the battle we wish to achieve with clean nuclear energy is in re-educating the public. Getting funding has a lot to do with public opinion.

It is our hope that you educate yourself and your staff to the importance of fourth generation nuclear energy. There’s no stopping countries like China and other nations from polluting the environment beyond return without showing them a better way and TMSRs are the form of nuclear energy that is the better way.

Some of the individuals who are in my opinion it’s best representatives are Kirk Sorenson, Charles Barton and Robert Hargraves and Canadian David LeBlanc.

Robert Hargraves’ Book THORIUM: energy cheaper than coal has anonline reference that is a tremendous collection of links to information on Thorium and the related subjects.