Construction Firm, Also a Liberal Donor, Not Adequately Punished for Worker’s Death, Says BC Fed

Government ‘cares more about big business’ than worker safety, says Irene Lanzinger.

BCFed President Irene Lanzinger

A company that the British Columbia Federation of Labour says got off too lightly after a worker died on its job site is also a major donor to the BC Liberal Party.

“The government cares more about these big businesses, many of whom donate to the Liberals, than they do about workers’ health and safety and whether or not a worker dies on the job,” said Irene Lanzinger, BC Fed president.

“We need to change this notion that an employer gets a slap on the wrist when a worker dies and there’s been some responsibility on their behalf,” she said.

In late March, WorkSafeBC said it had fined Onni Contracting Ltd., a subsidiary of the Onni Group of Companies, $48,719.50 for its role in the death of Sean Alexander Donetz in Kamloops in 2015.